Endorsement Process

Stonewall DFL holds several screening sessions each year, prioritizing races identified as strategically important to the caucus and overall DFL Party goals. Stonewall DFL members are encouraged to participate in our candidate screening sessions and be part of making our endorsement decisions. We make every effort to screen all DFL candidates in the same race on the same day with the same committee members. Candidate screenings are typically open to the public.

Please watch our website, Facebook group, or Facebook page for meeting dates.

On behalf of the Stonewall DFL caucus, we appreciate candidates' and members’ time and participation in our candidate endorsement process.

If you are a 2020 DFL or nonpartisan candidate seeking endorsement, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Complete the appropriate questionnaire form for the office you are seeking. This is the primary component for considering an endorsement. This will be posted after the board approves on January 19, 2020.
  2. The Political Support Committee will review questionnaires and will contact candidates with an expected timeline for screening and endorsement if not yet announced or invited.
  3. Meet with the Political Support Committee for an in-person interview if invited. This will be 20-25 minutes per interview, also known as a screening. The committee will prioritize screening in races specifically identified as strategically important. Interviews may be waived for DFL-endorsed candidates.
  4. The Political Support Committee will deliberate and vote on a recommendation to the full Stonewall DFL Board of Directors.
  5. The Stonewall DFL Board of Directors will vote on endorsement to ratify the recommendations of the Political Support committee. This vote will occur at the next regularly scheduled board meeting, but may be made sooner in certain cases.
  • All endorsements require a majority recommendation from the committee and 60% to be approved by the Board of Directors. Candidate ratings in lieu of an endorsement require a majority recommendation and majority approval by the Board.

If at any point in the process you have questions, please contact the Stonewall DFL Political Director, Maddie Pavek at maddiepavek@gmail.com.

All completed questionnaires will be kept on record for the Stonewall DFL Membership and Board of Directors.

Endorsement Timeline

The first opportunity for 2020 endorsements will be the Annual Membership Meeting on January 4. When the Membership is assembled, it may make candidate endorsements directly rather than following the steps outlined above. Only a limited number of races will be considered at this meeting (currently only congressional races are on the proposed agenda), but candidates running for any office are encouraged to attend and will have an opportunity to formally address the Membership for two minutes in the order they sign up at the meeting.

Only members are allowed on the floor of our meeting once it comes to order (except for candidates while they give a formal speech). Candidates and/or their representatives are encouraged to become Stonewall DFL members so they may be on the floor throughout the Annual Membership Meeting.

After January 4, the newly elected Board of Directors will finalize questionnaires and open the endorsement process following the five steps detailed above.


Questionnaires will be posted as soon as they are approved for the 2020 cycle. There are four questionnaire versions: Congressional (Federal); Minnesota Constitutional Officers / Minnesota Legislature; City & County; and School Board.