Open Board Seats

OPEN BOARD SEATS: We have one open vice chair seat and 3 open at-large director seats. If you’re interested in serving in one of these roles, please attend or call in to the July 22 board meeting in Rochester (see events calendar), or message/email Chair Erica Mauter at [email protected] with a paragraph statement on why you’re interested and what you think members should know about you.

– Vice Chair (must not ID as John/John)
— Interested so far: Chuck Leisinger

– At-Large
— Interested so far: Adi Penugonda, Jadzia Sembla, Maddie Pavek

You must be an active SDFL member to stand for a board position and to vote. The deadline for people interested in running or voting, to activate a membership by paying dues or having them waived, is this Sunday, 7/15. To confirm the status of your membership, contact Membership Director Kevin Deese at [email protected]. To request a dues waiver, contact Caucus Chair Erica Mauter at [email protected].