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Outreach & Inclusion is Our Mission

Stonewall DFL represents the DFL in the LGBTQ community and represents the LGBTQ community in the DFL.

As the official LGBTQ outreach arm of the DFL, we participate in Pride and other events in every corner of the state – educating and registering voters, promoting our endorsed candidates, and creating a pipeline for LGBTQ people to get involved in the DFL Party.

We remind the Party of – and help it fulfill – its obligations of outreach and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.

Find out more about the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor party here.

Belong to Something Greater!

Stonewall DFL members have voting privileges at all membership meetings and committee meetings; this includes voting for candidate endorsements.

The entire membership generally meets once or twice a year, electing the board of directors which meets monthly. Members are encouraged to be active with our six standing committees which meet with varying schedules. All meetings are public and guests are welcome.


2021 Candidate Collage

Electing Champions for our Community

Stonewall DFL works for a safe and equitable Minnesota by endorsing and electing LGBTQ and allied candidates for public office in and in the Minnesota DFL Party. Our endorsements are important to many Minnesotans who seek our advice choosing candidates that will champion issues impacting the LGBTQ community.

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Stonewall DFL
Stonewall DFL3 days ago
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Stonewall DFL Announces 1st Round of 2024 Candidate Endorsements
Wednesday, February 21st, 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Stonewall DFL Board of Directors is happy to announce the endorsement results of the first round of candidate screenings, held from February 12th to 17th, 2024. A total of 17 candidates running in 13 state and local races sat with Stonewall for a screening during the first round. The following candidates have earned the Stonewall DFL endorsement for their respective races:

Londel French for HD62B- Londel French for 62B
Curtis Johnson for HD40B- Curtis Johnson for State Representative MN 40B
Rep. Brion Curran for HD36B- Brion for House
Alex Falconer for HD49A- Alex Falconer for Minnesota House 49A
Heather Holmes for HD24A- Heather Holmes for MN House
Abdi Daisane for HD14A- Abdi Daisane for State Representative
Aron Schnaser for HD7A- Aron Schnaser For House 7A
Brian Cohn for HD57B- Brian Cohn for Minnesota
Rep. Liz Reyer for HD52A- Liz Reyer for 52A
Kari Rehrauer for HD35B- Kari for Minnesota
Rep. Robert Bierman for HD56A- Robert Bierman for State Representative
Rep. Mike Freiberg for HD43B- Mike Freiberg for State Representative
Ashley Grimm for Saint Louis County Commissioner, District 3

Please see the rest of our press release regarding information about precinct caucuses by clicking on the link below.

Stonewall DFL
Stonewall DFL4 weeks ago
Stonewall DFL is happy to announce the recent creation and awarding of the first-ever Megan J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award to its namesake, Megan Thomas.

The language passed by the Stonewall DFL Board of Directors reads as follows: "The Megan J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award is an award recognizing Stonewall DFL leaders who have made a significant and unparalleled impact on the Stonewall DFL Caucus. Recipients of this award must have been a member of SDFL and part of the LGBTQ+ community."

Megan had this to share with the Board of Directors following her award being granted: "I am deeply honored and humbled to have this award created in my name. While the personal recognition of my work is heartwarming it is so very special that my name will be attached to honoring the beautiful, dedicated, and deserving recipients in the future."

Megan Thomas is a former two-time Chair of Stonewall DFL and has served in many other roles in the organization over her over 20 years of service. She currently serves as Stonewall's treasurer. Megan has additionally been a trailblazer outside of Stonewall DFL; She served as the first out LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Action Officer (now Outreach and Inclusion Officer) for the State DFL.

Congratulations, Megan!
Stonewall DFL
Stonewall DFL2 months ago
Congratulations to Stonewall DFL-endorsed candidates Elliott Payne for Ward 1 City Council and Aisha Chughtai for Ward 10 on their election to Minneapolis City Council President and Vice President, respectively! We look forward to a continued partnership with you both in your new roles.
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